OpenSpace Agility™ with Daniel Mezick
Workshop: On Demand, London+, U.K.

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Co-creating Transformation At Scale

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Struggling to get buy-in? Brilliant implementation plan getting stuck in reality?

Daniel Mezick 1Caterfly is excited to be teaming up with Daniel Mezick, whose OpenSpace Agility™ method is the foundation of Caterfly’s model for introducing organisational change. Daniel has developed a new approach to creating an adaptive and customisable, collaborative culture shift at scale; for example introducing Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum or new ways of working, becoming more ‘responsive’, ‘teal’ or self-organising, implementing sustainability programs and more.

Daniel is a well-known Agile coach, culture hacker, speaker, author of The Culture Game, and co-author of The OpenSpace Agility Handbook.

In this workshop you learn
  • How you can create a culture of enthusiasm, agility and effectiveness in your organisation
  • How you can prevent resistance to change
  • Why on average 70% of change programs ultimately fail
  • What actually works, and how you can transform your workplace with proven tools that get the job done
  • How to save money by reducing coach / coaching days to get solid results and continuous improvement.
  • Why the power of invitation, co-creation and self-organisation avoids cultural inertia and change fatigue
  • How to harness latent ingenuity and collective-intelligence
  • How to invite the whole organisation to collaborative action using Open Space Technology
  • How to integrate and consolidate what’s already working well

Handbook Cover

Each student receives
  • A proven and repeatable method for rescuing faltering change initiatives
  • A very rich learning experience with colleagues from diverse backgrounds working in a highly interactive self-organising peer-learning environment
  • The OpenSpace Agility™ certificate of completion
  • Listing in the OpenSpace Agility-certified consultants list, on the OSA web site.
  • Membership of the private online group of certificate holders, for continued peer-development
  • A free copy of Daniel’s OpenSpace Agility Handbook
Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, facilitators, consultants, coaches and anyone involved in process and culture change in organisations. Although the process has so far been used most for the adoption of Agile working, it is a tool for a broad and diverse range of contexts. Professionals familiar with Open Space Technology and tools for self-organisation will be interested to learn of new applications in the workplace.

Full details of workshop content.  Further reading and booking, see below.

How OpenSpace Agility™ works

In these times of rapid change and complexity, the triple-win of organisational culture is engagement, agility and effectiveness. Our framework will help you get there, together: a radically different approach to leading change, which is confoundingly simple and practical. The whole team or organisation is invited to co-creative change together, in a way that is more effective, manageable and genuinely long lasting, while reducing stress and change fatigue.

Daniel Mezick OpenSpace Agility Agile conferenceIn place of change initiatives that rely on a disenfranchising mandate from above and a rigid, pre-planned roll-out, OpenSpace Agility™ approach integrates the power of invitation, leadership storytelling, iteration, self-organisation and game mechanics to achieve rapid, lasting and effective change across an organisation.

There is growing awareness that the reason many change programmes fail or do not work as expected is not because of the often quoted poor communications and people’s ‘resistance to change’, but because the people affected by the change are not asked, never mind invited to contribute to the change. Culture shifts and new ways of working cannot simply be imposed. What is needed is to invite all affected to co-create and customise change together, in a manageable and iterative way.

OpenSpace Agility works for one simple reason: it generates extremely  high levels of engagement across your organisation.  This engagement is essential to the success of your program, and no other method does this better than OpenSpace Agility.
Daniel Mezick

But how do you do that at scale? Surely this involves thousands of conversations and story rewriting across the organisation or department? Surely it’s an impossible and expensive task to get all the networks and collaborations connected without hampering the main operation of the organisation? Yet there is a way, using the principle of self-organisation in large scale gatherings, which not only achieves all these necessary cross-connections, but also produces positive synchronicity and serendipity, efficiently and with results that are staff-led.

OpenSpace Agility is a clearly structured, repeatable framework for introducing, reinvigorating and consolidating agility, lean and other collaborative forms of working in organisations.  Daniel Mezick has created this framework incorporating ‘Open Space‘ events to invite all affected to drive collaborative transformation based on staff expertise:

a more human, engaging and participatory approach to leading change.

About the Main Instructor:


Daniel MezickDANIEL MEZICK is an author, executive and Agile coach, and  keynote speaker. He is the formulator of OpenSpace Agility.

He is the author of THE CULTURE GAME, a book describing sixteen patterns of group behavior that help make any team smarter. The book is based on five years of experience coaching 119 Agile teams across 25 different organizations.

Daniel’s client list includes CapitalOne, INTUIT, THE HARTFORD, CIGNA, SIEMENS Healthcare, Harvard University, and many smaller enterprises. Daniel is based in Guilford, Connecticut, USA.  Learn more and contact Daniel at

Supported by UK facilitators Martin Grimshaw and Francois Knuchel  – See the About US page.


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Full details of workshop content – This is an experiential workshop which is structured to demonstrate the principles of the approach it teaches, including using some Open Space Technology for participant-led learning and practice, adapted to your needs.

The OpenSpace Agility process At a Glance.

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Daniel Mezick’s website, blog and further details

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This event is brought to you by Caterfly, a collaboration between Thriving Planet CIC and Transcultural Synergy Ltd

If you have (or can gather) a group of at least ten people who would like to take this course in London, or anywhere in the U.K., either in-house or as a public event, then please contact us to explore further.

 Team: Daniel Mezick, head instructor, founder of OpenSpace Agility and Prime/OS,

with Martin Grimshaw and Francois Knuchel, hosting team.

Contact: or call 020 7117 8648