Caterfly’s Open Smart Transformation model is based upon Daniel Mezick’s Open Agile Adoption / OpenSpace Agility™ model, and is a derivative of Prime/OS™.  The following describe testimonials of Open Agile Adoption, which is itself based upon Open Space Technology, commonly Open Space.

The series of video testimonials here, taken from Daniel’s website, are of Open Agile Adoptions in the form of interviews with managers from client companies by Daniel Mezick.

1) Interview with a Senior Director of Product Development after their IT department had undergone a complete Open Agile Adoption. In it the director describes the transformation that both he and his staff experienced as a result of the OAA process.  The interview describes in detail the process and how this enabled the department to implement major changes.  It is also an excellent description of Open Space as experienced by a manager.

The interview is in 3 parts of 15 minutes each.  Here are the links to the three YouTube videos.

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
  • Part 3:

2) Daniel Mezick also filmed interviews he did after an Open Space event at an Agile conference in 2014, with employees at an organisation in which he introduced Agile working using his Open Agile Adoption method. The interviews can be viewed here:

Caterfly helps the process of adopting Smarter Working systems and tools, including Agile management, and the process discussed in these interviews is fundamental to Caterfly’s work.

It is important to note, however, that all credit goes to Daniel Mezick and PrimeOS™ – the testimonials are of his Open Agile Adoption / OpenSpace Agility™ process, from which our Open Smart Transformation is derived.  They reflect his good work, not ours.  The purpose of including links to the videos here is to demonstrate the basic process works.

The full set of testimonials can also be seen here:


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