Caterfly – What we do

Caterfly was established in 2014 as a joint venture by Martin Grimshaw and François Knuchel, who among other things are both Open Space Technology Facilitators.  This was partly in response to the creation of the Open Space Agility Group in the USA,  itself a derivative of Prime/OS, which introduced invitation-based Agile adoptions using Open Space Technology.  Caterfly derives its name from the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly and the ‘Beta-lab’ iterations in a defined ‘cocoon’ in our system for co-creating change in companies.

We support leaders and coaches of Smarter Working implementations or company-wide transformations. We get the workforce primed and fully engaged in the implementation programme with our ‘Open Smart Transformation’ (OST) process, a plug-in which complements and enhances your own programme. Caterfly plugs in to your existing change strategy and leaves you to get on with it more effectively.

Fundamentally our approach addresses head-on some of the key problems, challenges or inhibitors which prevail in adoption or change programs, getting the workforce fully engaged in co-creating the change or implementation.

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Our Backgrounds:

FK Spark Landscape BWFrancois is a vastly experienced trainer and consultant, specialising in trans-cultural management training, new-paradigm leadership and lean business design. His experience of using circle management methods in the Japanese automotive industry has deeply influenced his passion for re-imagining the way that we work together.

He  is an important member of Open Space and Sociocracy communities, and has been working with Lean Management since before it was called Lean.  Francois is a co-founder of the Human Organising Co, as well as being involved in the RSA’s fast growing ‘Reinventing Work Network’. He is based in London.

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Martin is a facilitator, trainer and organisational consultant, working with groups, teams and individuals to help them find better ways of working and living. Martin is the founder of There’s Better Ways of Working, where he works with clients in implementing healthier and happier collaboration.

He co-founded SociocracyUK and DecisionLab, and provides tools for participation, and systems for organisational and planetary wellbeing. Specialisations include self-managing teams and structures for self-organising including Open Space and Sociocracy. Martin is based in Lancaster, North West England, has a deep practice of sustainability and personal development, and likes to get into the hills as much as possible.

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 Open Space Agility Certification:

The Open Space Agility Group offers a Certification course on the whole Open Space Agility process, based on The Open Space Agility Handbook.  While it is primarily relevant to leaders, consultants and coaches operating in the agile and digital world, the principles are relevant to any change management, adoption or reinvention work, and thus for change agents operating in any field.  For those interested in gaining accreditation in the UK, we can arrange this on demand – please contact us.