Caterfly presents: a 1 day participant-led ‘Open Space’ event exploring the need for transforming the way we work together, the move toward more collaborative, responsive workplaces, for businesses that place the customer at the centre, with respect for people and planet, the reality, complexity and barriers to change, and ways to move forward.

This is a follow up event to ‘Why aren’t Organisations Shifting?‘ event in July, for those who want to continue the deliberations as well as for those who missed the first event – a second opportunity.

Share. Learn. Connect: Building alliances for collective impact

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Just as the combined efforts of the powers-that-be in the 16th and 17th Centuries were unable to halt the progress of Copernicus’ Revolution in astronomy, so also today’s big hierarchical bureaucracies, though seemingly all-powerful, will ultimately succumb to the power of a better idea for running organizations—better for customers, better for employees, better for managers, better for society, and better for the organizations and their investors.

Steve Denning, Forbes: The Copernican Revolution In Management

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