Smarter Working

Caterfly uses Open Smart Transformation to help organisations implement smarter ways of working.

What do we mean by Smart?

While we don’t claim any originality to our use of the term, we have coined the term Smarter Working in this context to help us define the kind of systems, tools and processes that we work with, or which align with them. Smarter systems of working are modern approaches to work which might emphasise participation, collaboration, integrity, sustainability, self-organising or self-managing teams, and a wiser, 21st Century approach to leadership and hierarchy. Smarter systems of working do not conflict with the needs of society and planet. They are in alignment with life, rather than exploiting it. They promote personal, organisational and planetary wellbeing, with ethics at their centre.

Smarter Working includes, but is not limited to: Responsive, Lean, Agile,  participatory Environmental or Sustainability Management Systems (EMS or SMS), Sociocracy, Management 3.0, Conscious Business, Holacracy, Kaizen, and so on.

Smarter Working means re-imagining what it means to be at work, as if were something we wanted to do, that was genuinely useful, to be enjoyed, a source of pride and contentment, and a place for learning and growth. Smarter Working means re-imagining working relationships and working together with common purpose in a way that is more enjoyable, healthier and happier, while taking a sustainability-first or even restorative attitude to our relationship to Earth.

Smarter Working is work as it should be.