After Brexit: How can we transform the workplace together?
Shift : 14 July 16 : London UK
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In response to the shock, division and disaray unleashed by the Brexit referendum, we feel it is essential to make space for people to come together. This is a participant-led ‘Open Space’ event, so the experience and discussions you have is up to you. But with many people distracted from fancy notions of reinventing work by very real and immediate worry, fear, anger, despondency this is your time to let off steam, ask big questions, get support and support others, or get constructive.

One thing seems certain: If it is true that many people have reacted to feeling ignored, impoverished and powerless, then making the workplace work for everyone, of making sure that everyone has a voice and can participate is more important than ever.

How can we respond? How we drive this movement forward? How can we help make work better for everyone? What can you contribute?

Thanks. In despair, in hope, and with determination…. see you there?