As mentioned here, here and here, Caterfly’s Open Smart Transformation is a derivative of Prime-OS, from which the specific and elaborate work and practice of Open Space Agile adoptions by Daniel Mezick is derived.  Caterfly applies the same principles and practices which have been developed in detail for implementing Agile at scale in organisations to any form of organisational systems adoption or transformation (e.g. lean, teal, creative economy, sociocracy, holacracy, responsive etc).  The Open Space frame is the same, just the content, what is being implemented through coaching and co-creative iterations, is different.

OpenSpace Agilility FacebookAnyone exploring any form of organisational transformation should find it useful follow recent developments in the agile adoption world.  You may also want to explore and join THE OPENSPACE AGILITY Facebook page, as well as follow Daniel Mezick’s blog and the OpenSpace Agility blog.

More significantly, if you’re involved in adoptions or transformations, agile in particular, then you should read The Open Space Agility Handbook. This is an excellent clear and easy to follow how-to guide, which I have described in more detail in my book review and my blog.

Daniel Mezick, his group and many associated agile coaches are organising and running various intensive courses in Open Space Agile Adoption processes, which cover both the theory and practice of agile adoptions using the invite and co-create approach in the USA and Canada, such as the next one in Montreal.  To get updates on courses on offer please refer to the course schedule.

Finally nothing better than hearing managers within companies who have witnessed and experienced the process and led massive transformations within their organisations themselves using the process.  There are excellent video interviews available, but Daniel also occasionally runs live telephone 90-minute introductory discussions on Open Space Agility with one of the client managers participating as guest, so people can hear and ask those giving testimonials questions directly.  If you wish to join one of these telephone discussions, please check the training schedule.

Finally to get a complete overview of all the resources available through Open Space Agility, it is best to check out the home overview page.