What we do

We support leaders and coaches of smarter working implementations or company-wide transformations. We get the workforce primed and fully engaged in the implementation programme with our ‘Open Smart Transformation’ (OST) process, a plug-in which complements and enhances your own programme.

Caterfly plugs in to your existing change strategy and leaves you to get on with your programme. Open Smart Transformation (OST) is suited to leaders and coaches using or introducing Agile, Lean, Responsive, Holacracy, Conscious Business, Sociocracy, Management 3.0 or Sustainability Management Systems, Compliance, Accreditation or indeed any form of procedural, systemic or cultural transformation.

Fundamentally our approach addresses head-on some of the key problems, challenges or inhibitors which prevail in adoption or change programs, getting the workforce fully engaged in co-creating the change or implementation:

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“A leader must lower himself like water and give credit to his subordinates. If he wants to take credit, they will leave him soon. If a leader frequently interferes with subordinates, they will protest. A leader’s job is to create an atmosphere in which they want to do (work) for themselves with enthusiasm and can fulfill their potential”  Lao Tzu (604-531 BC), Tao Te Ching.


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