The follow up 

The Open Smart Transformation process we have deaveloped is designed to embed permanent learning and development which everyone is engaged with.  The central Caterfly process, with coaching and experimentation framed by an opening and a closing Open Space event, is Phase I.

After the first phase is complete the organisation is better equipped to organise without the need for constant support from consultants.  Following our process, Phase II represents application of learning and new processes, consolidation and steady development.

Inspired by the work of Daniel Mezick Caterfly Copyleft licence: <a href=””

Phase II is marked by twice yearly Open Space Events for cultural integration.  “By instituting these recurring events on the organisation’s calendar, there is less risk of dependency on any one leader or coach and the organisation becomes increasingly self-sufficient in the new culture.” (Daniel Mezick in Open Agile Adoption).  Again our (Caterfly’s) contribution is in running the regular Open Space events as independent facilitators, to consolidate the change.

In the final stage of the Caterfly process, Phase III, the organisation moves to competence.  In this phase the culture is open, and feels like being in an Open Space event.  In this open culture the organisation understands how to sense and respond.  Consequently Open Space events are no longer pre-scheduled on a regular basis; instead they can be arranged as needed.

At the same time the principles of Kaizen are anchored, putting the organisation on a continuous but manageable process of improvement, innovation and renewal, including tools like A3 PDCA.  Being in Kaizen mode everyone is in a constant mind-set of change and adaptability.  This Kaizen platform makes the organisation both collabortive and competitive, and extremely responsive to external changes and to clients and users.

In Phase III we also introduce Kaizen through a series of simple workshops to create a Kaizen spirit within the organisation.  This is important to both anchor the change as well as create a platform of self-renewal (auto-poeisis) within the organisation.  To counter-balance a kaizen-only culture, we continue to run Open Space events, as independent facilitators, though now more with a focus on radical out-of-the-box innovation, so Open Space Innovation events.  This combination of ongoing continuous improvement in a kaizen culture with the radical innovation event is Caterfly’s unique contribution.


For a more technical description, see OST model. Caterfly’s Open Smart Adoption model is a derivative of Prime/OS™, details in preceding link.
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For more insight into Phase III, see the relationship between Innovation and Kaizen.