The Intellectual Commons

We believe creative solutions to the problems we all face, should be made freely available for the mutual benefit of everyone. We want to keep innovation for the common good, in the hands of the Commons. Like science.

Too often great ideas, inventions and products get held back by the chains of ownership and a need to control. We want to set culture free. You may hence use the materials here under the following conditions:

Creative Commons BY-SAUnless otherwise stated, all material here is licensed under a Free Culture, Copyleft, Creative Commons license:  Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). The last word on the general  licensing conditions are here:

Caterfly’s Open Smart Transformation model is based on Prime/OS™, published as an Open Source, Free Cultural Work via the CC-BY-SA license from Creative Commons. Download the Prime/OS™ Definition Here:

To summarise, you can use all the material here, and we hope you find it useful. A large part of our work is derived from other sources, which we acknowledge in our detailed description of Caterfly’s OST-model. In particular our work is informed by Open Space Technology, is a development of Daniel Mezick’s Open Agile Adoption, and is a derivative of Prime/OS™. To a large extent the essence of our work is derived from and is a combination of the work of others, together with the skills that we bring as facilitators and consultants.

You may distribute this material, use it for your own commercial purposes, and remix it to make a derivative. However:

You must properly attribute all co-creators of the material you are using including those we have derived our work from, in the way specified in the Creative Commons licence. You should also make clear that your work is a derivative, and provide a web link (URL) to our website, and to those of our predecessors, with address fully visible so that it remains readable even when printed on paper.

You must share your work on the same basis, thus keeping these great ideas in the intellectual commons, for everyone’s benefit. The details of how to use this material are in the OST-model document.

Please note that not all Creative Commons licenses are Free Culture or Copyleft; indeed some are quite restrictive and intended for purposes different from ours. The licence we have chosen is very close in spirit to the Free Software / Open Source culture’s General Public Licence (GPL) developed by GNU – the co-creators of the GNU-Linux operating system.

If you have any doubts, please get in contact.

 “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton