Innovation Hackathon

Co-creating a disuptive, 'Kaizen' culture in your organisation

Are you striving to generate more innovation in your organisation?

A one-day in-house event to bring out the best of your team, department or company.

Innovation is key to survival in tomorrow's world, yet levels of engagement in organisations is often low. A hackathon can help you unleash latent creativity, to create products, solve problems and drive productivity

You cannot force innovation, you can only create the right conditions for it. Staff need to be motivated, engaged in the purpose, and free to play and experiment. A hackathon can kickstart a supportive culture

Many organisational cultures are hampered by tired and stifling practices and hierarchy. With a hackathon you can free up and unblock your collective ingenuity, at scale, in a short and cost efficient burst.

What is blocking innovation? How can we make our workplace more innovative?

"If you want to produce something truly new and useful, you cannot know - by definition - exactly where to go. That's why leading innovation is not - and cannot be - about being a visionary. The last thing you want is a team that defers to you to set a course ..... If your goal is innovation, then your role must instead be to create an environment - a setting, a context, an organisation - where people are willing and able to do the hard work of innovation themselves: to collaborate, learn through trial and error, and make integrated decisions."
- Linda Hall, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove & Kent Linebeck, Collective Genius

Open Space enables this collaborative innovation - at scale across teams and departments.
We Invite you to participate in a cross-functional conversation exploring change in your workplace to be more innovative: an Innovation Hackathon Day

"Open Space is a party for ideas." - Colin Newlyn, participant as Caterfly's Shift event.

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How it works

You can't magically transform your organisation and its culture by wishful thinking. However, you can kick-start the process, while addressing your Burning Issue.

In our 'Innovation Hackathon Day', everyone in the organisation, department or section is invited to play and get creative around a theme based on your needs and your context.

Participation is optional, cross-functional and fun. We use an 'Open Space' format to harness the power of self-organisation, with everyone free to follow their enthusiasm in pursuit of the goal.

Invitation-based innovation

"Co-creation by the 'diversity of many' is an absolute best practice. 'People own what they help create', Byron Rogers says. This is so true. Every time you ask people to adopt something they haven't contributed to, you waste resources and undermine engagement."
Celine Schillinger, Head of Quality Innovation and Engagement, Sanofi Pasteur (in The
Employee Engagement Alliance

That's why everyone across the organisation should be engaged in co-creation.
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An innovation culture

The Innovation Hackathon is not about innovation techniques. It is about inviting a diversity of many to contribute and co-create themselves. It is about building the right conditions for an innovation culture to thrive.

An innovation culture which is conducive to people being innovative and being willing to share their ideas and solutions.

A one day event can't do all that on its own, but it can support a deeper impetus and a broader programme, or be the starting point - in a bite-sized, 'suck it and see' trial, with immediate results.

Potential applications

Solve a problem together

'Crowd-source' your burning issue, utilising the collective intelligence in your organisation or team. People are brilliant. We create the conditions for their ingenuity to be unleashed. Suitable for large, complex, multi-faceted problems that can't be fixed alone, or for which it would be futile to try to solve at the top, and see it scuppered by reality as it cascades down and throughout the workforce.

Create or develop products, policies or strategy

Amazing things can happen when we invite everyone to self-organise around areas of interest beyond the usual team or department 'silos'. Our process creates a real buzz and gets the juices flowing.

Redesign your organisation

"There is something inherently contradictory about using authoritarian means to implement a management model aimed at enhancing self-determination and innovation." - Gary Hamel, LBS professor. What we need are Innovation platforms. You can't do it all in one day, but you can make a dramatic start. Re-program, re-imagine, re-purpose, re-wire for a modern, organic business fit for 21st Century needs.

Develop organisational Kaizen

Invite staff to make improvements to their role or products, and cultivate the conditions for ongoing, continuous innovation and development.

Deep dialogue

What many organisations are missing is humble inquiry and sincere, respectful listening. It is not what leaders say, but what they do that will have a great impact on the organisation. Instigate a listening and discussion process to get to the root of the issues affecting you.

Design Thinking Transformation

A design-driven organisation is always thinking about its customers, empathizing with end users, and trying to solve problems while keeping it's customers in mind with real data coming from users. Design thinking helps to create a more responsive, agile, customer-led organisation.

Introduce change, invite to co-create

For a deeper, long-lived and effective transformation, or to introduce a new system, process or culture a shift is needed in the way we introduce change. Rather than asking or telling staff to engage with someone else's plan, we use this process to invite everyone affected to co-create their own plan, together. The results can be quite surprising.


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* Increased energy in organisation
* Greater open transparency
* More cross-border communications
* Focus on creating value for end users
* Increased Innovation throughout.

Why 'Hackathon'?

A Hackathon is a term used for a gathering together of people in a short, intense explosion of creativity to collaboratively solve a problem. Most commonly used in software programming, a 'hacking marathon' might create new products or fix issues. The phrase 'culture hacking' is also being used to describe people hacking - fixing or improving - company culture.


An Open Space-based Innovation Hackathon hosted by Caterfly can be run for 10 - 5,000 people simultaneously, depending on space available. The more people from different sections of the organisation, the more diversity, the richer and more fruitful the outcome is likely to be.


Guide price: £5 per participant, minimum £500 for day (e.g. 300 people would cost £1,500) at your venue. Negotiable. The main cost to you is in getting all participants together for a highly focused day, Efficient and effective investment. Call 020 7117 8648 for a quotation or ask here.

What is 'Open Space'?

A method for facilitating gatherings of people from small to very large around a common theme, using the principle of self-organisation. Its applications have been numerous and extremely diverse, but it is under-employed in organisations where it is rarely on the radar. Read more.

What is 'Kaizen'?

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement. It is closely associated with an attitude and processes at the heart of Japanese management practice and organisational culture. It originated in 'The Toyota Way', from which Lean and Agile approaches sprung. It has been claimed that Kaizen was fundamental to the post war Japanese economic boom. Kaizen invites us to continually strive to improve every aspect of how we work and what we make. Read more.

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'A way of involving the whole workforce in continuous improvement, for a highly motivated workplace, delivering high quality for clients, and celebrating together'.


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