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GreenUp Hackathon

Kick start, reinvigorate or upgrade your sustainability programme. An affordable solution that gets results, fast.

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Employ whole-system innovation to smash your sustainability goals, drive growth and give your business the edge.

How it works

Whether you want us to engage your workforce in establishing or rejuvenating an innovation culture of continuous improvement for long term sustainability performance, or hire us to to facilitate a quick-hit 1-day Hackathon 'booster', the premise is the same: We use Open Space Technology* to invite everybody to playfully co-create - experiment - implement and share what works.

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The one day Hackathon

You need to kickstart, implement, invigorate, or accelerate your sustainability programme. The problem is that traditional approaches tend to follow a top-down model with small incremental improvements over time.

That's great, but the best-in-class achieve more radical sustainability goals and competitive edge. With the usual effect of cultural inertia and limited capacity for change hampering the best intentions and programmes of leaders, the GreenUp Hackathon turns the process on its head.

Or rather, neither top-down or bottom-up but a whole-system approach that invites everyone to collaborate and co-create in a short burst.

Designed to be so accessible it's a £no-brainer, we use Open Space Technology to drive innovation in a Hackathon format, now increasingly used outside of the 'hacker' un-conferences more common in InfoTech to fix problems or develop new products. We step outside of the hierarchy and organisational hinderances for one day (or more as needed) to bring the 'open' attitude and freedom necessary to unleash your organisation's latent ingenuity and talent.

Price from just £5 per head.

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Based upon Caterfly's Open Smart Transformation model, this is a radical rethink of traditional change management approaches to managing sustainability like a linear project, with leadership cascading down the hierarchy.

Within a strategic process over time, we invite everybody to get creative and create experiments in an explosive Open Space event. Back in their teams, staff implement and test over time and focus on what's working and what can be improved, with expert training and mentoring in support.

We follow up with another 'hackathon' for scaling up, acceleration and integration, and design-in a programme for continuous improvement that works with and supports your organisational culture, for collaborative transformation that really lasts and is owned by everybody.

Harnessing collective intelligence.
Embracing both complexity and simplicity.

£Price according to needs and budget.

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The Caterfly Open Smart Transformation model

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