Workshop Saturday 18 June, Green Park 16:00 – 18:00, Free

No need to register, just show up

Don’t we all want to change our organisations?

Experiental workshop exploring new ways of changing human organising, not by planning and imposing new systems, but by inviting all affected to co-create the new together.

It is said most culture change interventions fail, partly due to resistance to change. Change resistance is a myth, most people don’t resist change, after all wouldn’t most people want to change their workplaces, to make them more democratic, purposeful and human?  What people resist is the imposition of alien systems which they had no say in.  However good the new ways are, imposing them is doomed to fail – and this applies just as well to new ways of organising, like teal, responsive, holacracy, B-Corp or other great ideas.

A better way of transitioning from old to new forms of organising, is by inviting al those affected to co-create the change together.  Come and find out how do do that at scale in larger organisations. Transformation by co-creation.


This event is part of Human Organising Festival 16 – 18 June in London – go to Festival website

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