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  • Discovering What is PossibleWe live in a world where a mechanistic, “machine” view of organizations has served for some time. The end of this era is upon us, and the transition to a living-systems view is well underway. Organizations are more like living things than they are like machines. Without getting into all the details of “why,” this essay assumes the living-systems view is the more accurate view, the more useful view. The view that is actually closer to reality. In the living-systems view, change is not “managed"....
  • Brexit & Shift: How can we transform the workplace together? Thurs 14 July, LondonIn response to the shock, division and disaray unleashed by the Brexit referendum, we feel it is essential to make space for people to come together. This is a participant-led 'Open Space' event, so the experience and discussions you have is up to you. But with many people distracted from fancy notions of reinventing work by very real and immediate worry, fear, anger, despondency this is your time to let off steam, ask big questions, get support and support others, or get constructive.
  • 18 June 16 at 16:00 London: Don't we all want to change our organisations?Part of Human Organising Festival 16 - 18 June in London, this free workshop explores how to change our organisations
  • OpenSpace Agility, 17 - 18 October 2016, LondonCaterfly presents: OpenSpace Agility with Daniel Mezick - 27 - 28 October 16, London. A new approach to introducing collaborative transformation at scale: staff-led innovation for introducing new systems of working or culture shift. Daniel brings his success in bringing teams alive with Agile, and together we'll show you how to use the model across a broad range of contexts and applications.



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